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Welcome on Claire Holt Source, your french and english source about Claire Rhiannon Holt. Claire is an australian actress born on June 11th, 1988 in Brisbane, Queensland. She played Emma in the teen show H2O but she is mostly known for a role of Rebekah Mikaelson in The Originals. On this website, you will be able to find various news and updates about Claire and will follow all her actuality thanks to pictures and videos. Enjoy your visit on the site.
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TV Series >Aquarius [2015-Present] >season One >Promotional
TV Series >Aquarius [2015-Present] >season One >Episode Stills

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As some people may know our host FSO is closing o we have had to transfer our site to a new host (Flaunt) and with this we have had to get a new domain name which is now C-holt.Com. Please change your bookmarks to our new domain and if your affiliated with us please also change your links. Thank you and i hope you continue to visit Captivating Claire Holt.
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First off i am extremely  sorry for the lack of updates the past couple of months, i have been swamped with my family life had no time to to update the site, i will be slowly updating over the next couple of weeks, and then hopefully i can get back to normal updates as the come in.

Thank you for your patients Sincerely – Summer

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TV Series >Aquarius >season One >Episode Stills
TV Series >Aquarius >season One >Episode Stills >1.01-Everybody’s Been Burned
TV Series >Aquarius >season One >Episode Stills >1.02-The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

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Message posted by Cynthia on 13 Avr 2015

Bree: Got any goodies to share about The Originals?
When we sat down with the original Original sister, Claire Holt, to talk about her upcoming NBC show Aquarius, we just had to ask if we’ll be seeing the original body of Rebekah on the CW show anytime soon. « Yes! They’ve been really great with Aquarius, in sharing, so I hope I can continue to do both in some capacity, » Holt says. « Definitely, when I can, I am going to venture back to that world. » And how does she feel about the new Rebekah, played by Maisie Richardon-Sellers? « She’s doing a great job. Maybe a little too good, » Holt says with a laugh. « I was hoping she wouldn’t be so good. »


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