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Welcome on Claire Holt Source, your french and english source about Claire Rhiannon Holt. Claire is an australian actress born on June 11th, 1988 in Brisbane, Queensland. She played Emma in the teen show H2O but she is mostly known for a role of Rebekah Mikaelson in The Originals. On this website, you will be able to find various news and updates about Claire and will follow all her actuality thanks to pictures and videos. Enjoy your visit on the site.
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Message posted by Cynthia on 31 Mai 2019

EN : On 13 May, Claire and her co-stars were at « A Violent Separation » special screening at Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica.
FR : Le 13 Mai, Claire et ses co-stars étaient à la projection spéciale de leur nouveau film « A Violent Separation » qui se tenait au Laemmle Monica Film Center de Santa Monica.